Mel's musings

Hey! Tess and Melanie here, Andie's co-founders. 

Are we fashion insiders? Not at all. Do we have any fashion experience? Nope. 

We're just two ladies who wanted well designed, reasonably priced one-piece swimsuits and couldn't find them, so we decided to make them ourselves! 

In the process we've created a company (hello, Andie Co!), learned the ins and outs of spandex (an anagram of the word "expands"!), tested countless blends of nylon and polyester, toured dozens of manufacturing plants in downtown LA, took a crash course in HTML (how'd ya like this site, huh?!), figured out Facebook Ads, and met so many insanely smart and interesting people.

Mel's Musings is our weekly newsletter that tells our story-- the good, the bad, and the funny. (And there's a lot of that. #FirstTimeFounders). 

We hope you'll follow along and be part of this crazy adventure! 

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